Who Are You Following?

If you’re like me, you spend quite a lot of time on social media. Maybe you’re nosey and want to keep up with celebrities, old friends, or acquaintances. Maybe you run a blog, a YouTube channel, a business (or all of the above) and social media is used as a way to promote your product, your brand and connect with others. Whatever your personal case, it’s important to keep in mind your desired target audience and your timeline activity.

When you post on social media, follow hashtags or double tap, the site tracks your activity to suggest who to follow (in case you were wondering how the process works). It’s done as an aid to help you follow like-minded people, which is thoughtful, but sometimes isn’t the best tactic (in my opinion). Sometimes, we as the users can get caught up in numbers, popularity, etc. and will follow accounts that we don’t know, but want to obtain more likes, follow accounts that service a product or produce content that we’re unfamiliar with, but it’s new (so why not give it a shot?) or we’ll continuously follow people that we’ve known forever and although we may have nothing in common, it’s a familiar face that brings us contentment.

Personally, whenever I make the decision to follow an account, I have a few rule of thumbs:

  1. Is this person doing something I aspire to do?
  2. If I know this person, do I genuinely like them?
  3. Is this person attractive? (sounds shallow, but appearance isn’t always what makes a person ugly. Attitude and character are included)
  4. Is this person a believer of Christ and do they act as such?
  5. Is this person doing something creative that sparks my interest or inspires me?
  6. Is this person a storyteller?

If I could find someone with all the above qualities, we definitely have a winner, but I know that’s not always the case. However, if I’m currently following an account who has little to none of these characteristics, I’m unfollowing it. Simple.

This is why I post content that I want to see. I do it in the hopes that I am inspiring other like-minded people, but if you find that we have nothing in common, please do yourself a favor and unfollow me. There’s no hard feelings. You have to do what benefits you, and I think that’s fair. If you’re interested in what I post, feel free to follow me on Instagram @ambriare but to give you a run down, I consider myself a life-style blogger/journalist. Meaning my posts consist of:

  • Self-portraits with in depth captions of the picture
  • Products/Materials/Items that I use frequently
  • Activities that I engage in
  • Insta videos regarding fitness and clean eating (most of the time)
  • Shamelessly promoting lifestyle content I create when it’s online

So, hopefully, I’m attracting more storytellers or (want to be story tellers). Hopefully this blog and my YouTube channel content inspires people to start their own, and who knows, maybe my authenticity and transparency is an inspiration to others, and hopefully, that’s why I have the followers I do. At least that’s my intention.

So before you log out, check your feed. Look at your friends. Are you really following like-minded people? Are you posting content that you’d like to see on your timeline daily? If not, make those rightful adjustments. You deserve to produce and be exposed to helpful and not harmful material.

Thanks for reading,







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