Get Up!

It’s very easy to fall in a mood. It slowly builds up while we have no idea how it happened, and if you’re like me: one who finds it difficult understanding their own emotions, you may find yourself in a mood quite often.

Recently, I’ve been on my own auto-pilot. I go to work, engage in various meetings or extra projects I can contribute to throughout the week, but at the end of each day I can’t wait to come home and lounge in my bed. I really love my bed though, with its white King sized comforter, two fluffy white pillows, a black bed rest pillow, and my grey blanket. Once I get snuggled up, scroll social media for a bit, and put on some meditation music or ASMR, I’m chilled out for the night.

For some, this routine of mine could be seen as a night time regimen or a wind down, and that’s what it was intended to be, but over the course of a few days, maybe even a week (I’m not sure) it became a necessity.


I found myself NEEDING to always lay down to regroup my thoughts/emotions throughout the day. I was always fatigued or laid down and found myself drifting off to sleep even if I wasn’t tired. There are things that have come and gone in my life within the passed month that have caused me to really think inward about myself and my intentions (that I will not be sharing for personal reasons). I am a lover of self-reflection, but what I have recently learned this week is that I’m not always honest with myself which has caused me to repress emotions/feelings and retract from the truth. Which you can probably imagine, doesn’t make me feel the best.

We truly are our worst critics. Some of us are harder on ourselves than others (I’m guilty). I strive to be perfect creating loop holes along the way, but in the process, I’m striving for unobtainable goals. Then once I find it extremely difficult to balance everything, I crash, literally into my bed and get into a mood which some nights consist of crying myself to sleep.

Retracting from the truth, hiding under your blanket, and isolating yourself from those who love you and care about your well-being is NOT an act of self-care. Self-care is defined as any activity that we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Self care IS NOT  something we force ourselves to do or something we don’t enjoy doing. It’s also not a selfish act. It’s knowing what we need to take care of ourselves to properly care for others.

Therefore, my above actions are actually detrimental to my mental, emotional, and physical well-being although it seems so easy and the right thing to do.

Getting in a mood takes little to no effort, its getting out of the mood that takes mental and physical strength. It’s easy to sleep and waste time and a day away, it takes courage to get up and be productive.

If you’re feeling like this, you don’t have to go at it alone. We can get up together. We can get through this mood together. Those positive people/influences in your lives, allow them to be present. Indulge in them and allow them to indulge in you. Partake in wellness activities that you enjoy. Beginning tomorrow, mine will consist of:

  • Eating a well balanced breakfast
  • Working out for at least 30 minutes
  • Taking a walk around my neighborhood
  • Listening to my favorite music
  • Reorganizing/decluttering my bookshelf

It’s those little things that we need for mental clarity and physical well-being that allow us peace, to practice mindfulness, and help us to have better days.

Have a better day with me.

Thanks for reading

xoxo, Ambria






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