Green is My Color: Photography

Happy New Year everyone!

The pictures you see below are from November (or December) of last year, but they will be new to you!

If you are new to this section of my blog, welcome! I have categorized it as “Photography“. In it, I aim to describe my purpose of the mood I decided to capture/my intention of the photo. Most of my photography consists of portraiture and food photography. *My goal is to practice capturing more candid moments.

However, in these photographs, I’m focusing on myself with some green scenery:



I’m not sure what it is about trees and green shrubbery, but it brings so much more feeling in my photos. I feel more earthy and that my photos coincide with me.

In the first picture, the wind kept blowing sporadically, and I wanted to capture a mood that replicated I was breathing and taking it in. Plus, don’t those pine leaves look dazzling!? In the second picture, I really wanted to capture my braids. The black, green, and multiple shades of brown and tan, really make the picture come together. Plus, what’s really cool about these photos is that they’re shot behind my home.

It’s amazing what a 50mm 1.8 Canon lens and crossing the boundaries between my and my neighbor’s property can do lol.

If you’re into self portraits, where are some of your favorite destinations to shoot?

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