713 Miles Away


This is my boyfriend and I roughly four years ago. It was the summer before I left for college. It was during a season where we were getting to know each other and becoming each others friends (best friends at that). We wouldn’t actually be in a relationship for another 7 months. I would soon be returning home in April of 2014 finishing up my first year of undergrad, ready to enjoy another summer with my now boyfriend, but I received some news from him that prior to my return, he’d be moving to Dallas TX.

We both weren’t happy with these new circumstances. Neither of us had been in a long distance relationship and I for one, was sure I couldn’t handle it. Four years and eight months later, he’s moved from Dallas TX to Atlanta GA, and we’re still in a loving, long distance relationship. So, I was wrong. I can and currently am handling it, but if I’m being honest, this is how I feel:


I went from seeing my best friend everyday to maybe five times a year. The way we schedule our visits are based on birthdays, some holidays, and any arranged off time we schedule between our jobs. In fact, since our relationship began, we haven’t spent adequate time together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Yes, we talk, text, and FaceTime all day everyday, which helps, but it’s not the same, and will never be the same. Our visits can last anywhere from a weekend to a week, but knowing one of us has to go on a plane and leave the other hasn’t gotten any easier.


When I’m craving his attention, his time, his presence, I don’t have the luxury of being in close proximity to him. We’re no longer a 5 minute car ride away. We can’t go on regular dates like regular couples. We can’t cuddle and enjoy each other’s company like regular couples. We can’t even see each other on a regular basis like regular couples, and I’m jealous of our third party: the 10 hour and 59 minute distance.

Superbly Blessed

Although I HATE being away from him and I want to be near him every chance I get, I am blessed to have a partner as loving, nurturing, caring, kind, loyal, trustworthy, and thoughtful as he. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel like I’m the luckiest woman in the world. His love for me is so vibrant and tangible it stretches far and wide and I can feel it immensely! And I know he feels the same for me. I’m not sure what I did to deserve a love as strong as this, but God is definitely looking out for me and blessing me to the fullest.

If you’re in a long distance relationship how has the distance made you feel? If you don’t mind sharing, how long have you been long distance and what has helped you make the transition more bearable?

To one day closing the gap

xoxo Ambria

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