Insecure S2E8 Finale Recap: “Hella Perspective”

hella perspective

So, the finale episode of Insecure aired last Sunday, September 9th, and as an avid watcher, I’m sad to see the second season end in its short lived glory, but I’m glad that Issa and the Insecure writers are making a Season 3 which means that hopefully, we will get a better understanding of why these characters (Issa and Molly specifically) are still making irrational decisions. I’ve enjoyed becoming emotionally invested in the plot, however, I’ve found myself becoming annoyed in EVERY EPISODE. Although that’s intended from a fictional show, I wanted to leave you all with some real sound advice. So, with some inspiration from a fellow YouTuber (Shan Boody), I decided this post wouldn’t be a final recap of the finale. Instead, I will share the biggest takeaway I received from the episode: indulging in closure.

I believe the concept of closure has mixed views depending on a person’s experience in relationship turmoil. I’ve heard and read responses/opinions of others stating that closure isn’t a necessity. Although I would argue it is, I understand not everyone is willing to talk, listen, and understand their partners’ behaviors, let alone their own, but from what we’ve seen throughout Issa and Lawrence’s relationship from both seasons, it’s clear that closure is what they needed.

It’s true that some people experience relationship turmoil and their preferred coping mechanism is to leave the relationship in the past, ask no questions, and deal with the hurt, pain, and betrayal alone until they get over it and move on. In my opinion, this is the worst way to deal with pain (unless your partner refuses to talk, listen, and understand your point of view). But as we saw in the finale, both Issa and Lawrence engaged in reflective listening click here to read my previous post if you’re unfamiliar with the concept. Both characters took ownership of their behaviors, expressed how they felt during/after their relationship and even stated that they still loved each other. From seven previous episodes of pure foolishness and avoidance of the situation, it was refreshing to see the mature conversation. And that ladies and gentlemen, was closure. Although presented in a fictional scenario, a very real ideal.

Closure does not always mean that two people who take ownership of their actions are rewarded with each other. Issa presented us with about 30 seconds of “what if” but I don’t think it was called for. Sure, it tugged on our hearts and made us an emotional wreck, but if it took her and Lawrence roughly three months to speak with one another, it’s going to take more than 3 minutes for them to rationally decide if getting back together is the right choice. I think that Lawrence leaving Issa’s apartment was the best decision. Anything more would have felt rushed, plus, just because two people love each other, it doesn’t mean they should always be together. Especially if nothing good ever comes out of the situation.

I’ve never been #TeamIssa nor #TeamLawrence because they’re both still growing as characters and still actively present their flaws. And I get it, the show is catered to the flaws, experiences, and insecurities of modern day, young, black and POC. It’s truly a great show, but I would hope as the writers prepare for season 3, they would hone in on the importance of communication. Words are powerful! And as someone who is still learning how to be a better communicator for myself and my partner, seeing that same value be presented in a show catered to me: a young, modern day black woman, would be amazing! ALL PROBLEMS CAN BE SALVAGED WITH PROPER COMMUNICATION and if we can, having that closure and being allowed to move forward could help us all in the long run.

What were your thoughts on the Season 2 finale? I’d love to read your comments below.

For a more in depth review of Insecure Season 2 finale, click my YouTube video below:

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