Insecure S2E6 Recap: “Hella Blows”

Hella blows3

For starters, I apologize for being late with the recap, but I wanted to make sure I knew exactly who I wanted to target for this episode. We saw that Molly is still in a situation of confusion and quite frankly, settlement when it comes to her relationship with Dro while Lawrence is in a state of possible progression into Lawrence 2.0 as he gets words of advice from Aparna. However, I solely want to focus on Issa because she was being a down right hypocrite during this episode.

Avid Insecure fans have known since S1 that Issa has never been about the sexual freedom single lifestyle. Although it’s nice for Issa Rae to portray women having this power and freedom, Issa Dee is not cut out for it (as I’ve said numerous times). It’s true that if we’ve been through a breakup, afterwards, we don’t want to gain feelings and attach them to new people. We would rather have the freedom of doing what we want, when we want without taking into consideration the feelings of others. For some of us, that means taking time to be alone with ourselves and our feelings, while for others, it means engaging with new people (physically or sexually) without making anything exclusive. For some reason Issa doesn’t understand this concept.

At this point in her “hoe-tation” she feels entitled to the d whenever she so pleases, but she hasn’t made Daniel, Eddie, nor Nico a priority. So why would they do the same for her? Back in S2E5 we saw how Issa physically placed Daniel in the friends with benefits box, but got upset this episode, when he decided to work in the studio instead of making Issa a priority. That’s kind of what a friend with benefits does. They don’t make it a priority to run when the other person comes calling. It has to be a mutual agreement that both people are only hooking up when both are willing. So Issa, don’t agree to something you can’t handle.

Next, don’t feel as though you can just show up uninvited to someone’s house even if you do live in the same complex. Showing up to Eddie’s door unannounced and thinking she could just barge in was a bold move. It was even bolder for her to get upset that Eddie had other options. Once again, no one is in a relationship or is in the process of establishing one, therefore no one has an obligation to make someone a priority. However, Nico is an exception to the rules. He actually was very fond of Issa and wanted to get to know more than just her body. We saw that Issa was only interested in having a sexual connection with him and felt embarrassed that he actually, just wanted to go to dinner. Men with Nico’s actions are not displayed as often as they should be in the media, so shout out to Issa Rae for casting a genuine character, but because Issa Dee is not in a mental/emotional space to handle this type of treatment, we see her quite rudely telling Nico to leave.

Finally, the scene I think we all were blown away by (no pun intended), we see Issa getting a chance to hang out with Daniel and trying out some new moves she learned during Tiffany’s sexplosion. Daniel is having a grand time, so much so that he explodes in Issa’s eye. Yes, the scene was hilarious. No, that’s not what neither of them had in mind. But Daniel did warn Issa and she didn’t take any precaution. She also overreacted (I’m sure due to her week of being unsuccessful in her hoe-tation and having to find a way to pay for her car which was caused by opening a dick pic by the way).

So, all and all, my advice for Issa: don’t be hypocrite. Don’t say you want sexual freedom, but want men to make you a priority. You can’t have both. Also, stay away from dicks for a while because you’re having terrible luck with them. Hope you don’t get pink eye.

hella blows

For a more in depth review/recap of S2E6, watch my YouTube video below

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