A Pair of Car Keys Changed My Life




  •  the ability to move or be moved freely and easily
  • the ability to move between different levels in society or employment

Mobility equals freedom. Regardless if you’re using a car, the bus, a bike, skates, or your feet, being able to come and go as you please is a luxury. In this post, I’m referring to a car because I feel like it’s the best source of mobility. Sure, if you’re a car owner (or leaser) you have to keep up with primary maintenance, gas, and pay a note each month if you haven’t paid for the car in full, but being a car owner and having this freedom brings me excitement!

I got Furaha, (pronounced Fu-ra-ha) my car (which means Joy in Swahili) last week and I couldn’t have been more excited! I walked onto the lot knowing that on that day I would be leaving with a car. I just knew it! Maybe it’d be an early birthday gift or maybe it would just be my time, but nonetheless, I wasn’t coming back home in my mom’s truck. Back in May, I had written down seven goals I wanted to accomplish before the summer was over. I had every intention of getting these goals accomplished no later than the end of July because that’s when I declared summer was over (even though Summer doesn’t end until September 22nd), but God had other plans.


I had written down that I wanted to be the owner of a 2017 Nissan Sentra because those cars are super cute (plus Nissans are great)! However, the price was out of my budget, and that’s when I stumbled upon Furaha. She’s the perfect size for me. She’s black (my favorite car color), and she’s a 2013 Honda Civic with only a little over 47k miles (which is basically like a new car). After that first test drive I fell in love and knew she had to be mine! So after about 4 hours at the car dealership, I drove off the lot being a little late for work, but happy that I had adequate transportation to get there.

So, obviously this short story explains the first definition of mobility, but what about the second? Well, also on my list, I wrote that I wanted a job in communications. Although my degree is in psychology, I am in love with relationship building and having strong, proper communication skills is a perfect way to do that. Since graduating, I was hoping that I’d land a job at a PR or marketing firm as a Com/PR specialist since I figured I could start from the bottom and work my way up right? Wrong. I wasn’t getting any call backs because although descriptions say entry level, some companies still want you to have mid level experience. So, I then decided to look within my community. EVERY company needs a Communications team, so I reached out to the director of PR within my neighborhood. This was back in May or June of this year. I told her my aspirations, my hobbies, and sent her my resume, this blog, and my YouTube channel link, just to show her that I am capable of working in this field. I received a call from her a few weeks later stating that she would look at my work. Months went by and I never heard a follow up.

Then, a week later (after I got Furaha) I got a call from her saying she’d like to meet me in her office. Since I now have a car, there was no issue getting there. I walked in, restated my aspirations and to my surprise, she took it upon herself to make me one of her staff writers! She already gave me topics to cover with due dates because she saw that I was a great writer. She then explained that she didn’t contact me sooner because she had a summer intern, but since summer is winding down, there was now room for me. My heart was filled with joy! Over the years, I’ve always thought I’d become a pretty good writer, but to have an organization want my by line published in press material, means a lot.

So I share this story to tell you a few things:

Your time is coming!”

Trust me, I HATED THIS PART. I got my license at 17 and just knew that I would get a car right afterwards. Every time my mom kept up a car to give to me, an accident ALWAYS happened or she had to use the money for another more mandatory purpose. So, I spent the last five years having to ask my mom to use her car or depend on others (and sometimes the bus and my bike) for transportation which annoyed the hell out of me, but God always made a way for me to get things done, which is the best blessing.

EVERYTHING happens at its divine time

Yes, I hated having to depend on my mom or my best friends to take me places and pick me up, but honestly, I didn’t have anywhere to go. When I was in college, my biggest need for transportation was finding a way to get groceries at the cheaper grocery stores which weren’t easily accessible by bus. Luckily, my friends with cars worked around my schedule and we would usually shop together when we had time.

When I graduated, and came back home, my job was located in my community. It’s a 5-7 minute car ride, but a 30 minute walk. So, my mom would drop me off in the morning and I’d walk home afterwards. Not terrible, but sometimes, on a hot day, I’d come home a little sticky, but if that’s what you have to do to get paid, you do it. Finally, on the occasions I’d want to go somewhere, my best friends would pick me up and bring me back home. So, in total, I’d usually go to the store, work and maybe the mall, movies or some other outing occasionally. What did I need a car for? At the time I didn’t. I just wanted the freedom, but now since I have more responsibilities that require more traveling, God provided right on time!

I am by no means bragging, but I am telling you how a little patience, prayer and goal setting can change your life!


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