Insecure S2E5 Recap: “Hella Shook”


No one is perfect, but we expect others to be perfect for us when entering relationships. This is fair thinking, but we often forget that we have to put in the same amount of effort to make relationships work and function properly. This is why we all need friends like Derrick; ready to tell us what we don’t want to hear.

Hella shook 4

As Lawrence suggests that Issa intended to hook up with Daniel after searching her whereabouts on social media, Derrick tells Lawrence the honest truth: he left the door open for Issa to pursue someone new. Cheating is NEVER acceptable, however Derrick was not afraid to admit that although Lawrence was unemployed, he didn’t take into consideration that Issa would have to support both of them on what I’d assume be a fixed income. Although Derrick shares truth on Lawrence’s mishaps, both he and Issa are at fault. Issa should have voiced her feelings and concerns towards Lawrence instead of sleeping with Daniel. Otherwise, she should have went with her first mind and ended the relationship. But as she embarks in her singleness and once again adds Daniel back into the equation, this time, she attempts to be honest with him and what she wants. However, something tells me Daniel wants to be more than just friends with benefits.

Hella Shook 2

Speaking of friends with benefits, we see that Molly and Dro shared an intimate and consensual moment during the end of E5. However, I’m concerned with Molly’s emotional well being. As we saw, she discovered during her parents vow renewal that her dad once cheated on her mom which caused her to overreact and throw a small temper tantrum. Now, it is fair to note that she was crushed learning that the couple she admired the most had a flaw in their marriage, but that flaw was clearly worked out. But as we saw, this was a lot for Molly to process. We saw that she brought Lionel to the vow renewal to prove to herself that she could possibly be with a man who looked great on paper, but for whatever reason, Lionel isn’t who Molly wants but, I’d also argue that Dro isn’t who Molly needs. Since Molly has decided to be a participant in Dro’s open marriage, will this cause tension between Molly and Candace? Will this change the friendship between Molly and Dro? Will Molly emotionally and mentally be okay with her decision? 

Let me know your thoughts. Also, do you believe Dro’s really in an open marriage? I want to believe him, but if he was lying, I wouldn’t be surprised.

For a more in depth review/recap of S2E5, watch my youtube video below

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