Insecure S2E4 Recap: “Hella L.A.”

Whether it be having a GNO or engaging in new adventurous activities, Issa, Molly and Lawrence are out here trying to live their best lives. The issue is that their definition of “best” may not be quite suited for their lifestyles: Issa trying to engage in hookups, Molly testing her morals and values, and Lawrence engaging in multiple sexual relations are all activities outside these characters’ demeanors and it’s clear they are being tested physically and emotionally.

Hella LA2

There is also a strong craving for familiarity throughout this episode. For example, before Issa gets rude-fully rejected by Felix, she has an encounter with Daniel and genuinely, selflessly, apologizes for the aftermath of their hookup from S1. Daniel forgives Issa and suggests they move forward from the incident and by the end of the episode, we see the two sharing a familiar yet new connection. Although Issa and Daniel had a harsh ending back in S1, it was very mature to see both of them communicate the incident and progress.

However, the same concept cannot be so easily applied to Molly and Dro. They are childhood friends that also share a strong sexual connection and would both be willing to partake in that sexual encounter if the time were right (just like it was on the dance floor). Plot twist: Dro is in an open marriage. However, Molly technically wouldn’t be over stepping any boundaries other than her own. Dro assured Molly that being in an open marriage was working for both he and his wife, but would it work for Molly emotionally? I don’t think so. Although Molly is good in this season for curving men, she clearly wants companionship (which is totally understandable), but in regards to her values of traditional marriage and respecting both herself and Dro’s wife, for her emotional well being, I don’t think taking opportunities just because they feel familiar and welcoming are in her best interest.

Hella LA

However, we must also be careful when taking new opportunities. Lawrence’s experiences this episode are proof that when we take on new experiences sometimes we are unprepared for life and the outcome is that we become hurt (taking blows to his male ego by not having money to pay for his purchases and having women pick up his tab), scared (BEING PULLED OVER DRIVING WHILE BLACK), embarrassed (was only pursued by white women due to the Mandingo stereotype to then have his black masculinity crushed because he was incapable of having a round 2 during his sexcapade), and vulnerable (after his adventurous day/afternoon he has no one to talk to about his endeavors and the person he would like to talk to the most, Issa has no idea because as usual, neither of them have communicated how they want to move forward).

What are your predictions for episode 5?

For a more in depth review/recap of S2E4, watch my youtube video below

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