Insecure S2E3 Recap: “Hella Open”

What we know for sure is that Issa is hella open to stepping into her “hoe phase”. Molly is hella open to maneuvering back into her old stuck up ways when it comes to dating, and Tasha is hella open to pissin’ me off (but we’ll get to that later).

Episode three begins with Issa attempting to partake in a one night stand: the only problem is that she can’t stop giggling. Regardless if she’s giggling out of nervousness or the guys’ fingers are actually weird, being in that environment is uncomfortable and makes for an awkward intro. So, to help her dabble into hoeness, Issa asks Molly for some tips, which then leads them to go out clubbing.

molly and Issa club

Unfortunately, Issa fails at club life. She isn’t giving off the right vibes, she’s making terrible conversation and no man seems to be interested. However, as Molly attempts to be a good wing woman, we are introduced to Lionel (who we will return to later) who is very interested in Molly. As she plays it cool and slides him her business card, we can clearly see that its a wrap for Issa.

Although I believe Issa isn’t the type who is mentally or emotionally stable enough to partake in one night stands, I respect her character as a woman owning and being in control of her sexual freedom. As we get introduced to Eddie, we see Issa planning a way to finesse a way into his bedroom. After seeing Eddie leave the poolside, she grabs her charger, makes her way to his apartment, and suggests he left “his charger” at Issa’s during her party from S2E1. He plays along and invites her in. From there, Issa gives herself one of her infamous pep raps and goes in to kiss Eddie, only to instead head butt him (ouch). But, Eddie brushes it off and from there on, we are exposed to an awkward/uncomfortable sex scene.

However, we do see Issa take control over the situation by adjusting herself in a more dominant position, leaving right after the sex, and feeling good that Eddie played along with her charger scenario. By the end of the episode, Issa feels good about the sex with Eddie as well as her Tinder notifications. So, I guess it’s fair to say that Issa has some juice right? But let’s see how long this will last.

molly on a date

Now let’s back track. What happened with Molly and Lionel? Lionel did call Molly and they did go to brunch. You can tell by Molly’s smile and their conversation that she was very interested in Lionel. They’re both pretty established, have money, and want the same things out of life, but there’s something about him that Molly doesn’t like. Issa suggested that he possessed one of Molly’s negative qualities: categorizing people into a box to see if they meet a superficial standard. When at brunch, Lionel discussed how he was the owner of his own marketing firm (money, check) how much he vibed with Molly (recognizing she’s of value, check), and how he was ready to settle down (wants to get married, check). However, Molly called out the superficial b.s. and proceeded to downplay and even ignore Lionel’s time afterwards: which included what I would assume be a nice dinner and a SZA concert.

What’s interesting is that Molly seems to need a lot of reassurance and validation at work to show that she is qualified to be receiving better pay and treatment and is doing what she feels is necessary to get that treatment (taking on extra work from the Chicago firm). But, when it comes to her dating life, she finds it annoying that a man is doing the same thing: working to impress/be a part of her life. I don’t understand why she feels the need to completely ignore Lionel, but I do know she needs to stop playing and go back to Dr. Pine. This is a deeper issue that needs A LOT of unpacking.


Finally, we find Lawrence attending Tasha’s family BBQ only to find out that Lawrence isn’t really vibing with Tasha’s family. I’m totally convinced that he is a suburban kid just based off of his body language and attitude after seeing Tasha’s family which most likely encouraged him to leave to attend his work’s Saturday function: Start Up Saturday. Here, we are more exposed to his co-workers (which aren’t from Best Buy: we don’t know just yet were Lawrence works, but he’s upgraded). He ends up not going back to the BBQ, tells Tasha that he’s not looking for anything serious, and is then told off by Tasha over the phone stating that he is a fuck nigga who pretends to be a good dude: This is where Tasha pissed me off.

  1. She mended to Lawrence’s ego during S1, reassuring him that he was indeed a good  dude
  2. She claimed that he wasn’t sorry for sleeping with Issa back in E1 (however, we all know he was because true fuck boys wouldn’t have told Tasha anything, especially since they never were in a relationship)
  3. She also admitted that she knew what her and Lawrence had wasn’t serious, but because he fronted like it was serious, she essentially got her hopes up.

I’m not sure how Netflix and chilling, going out on one date and agreeing to go to a family BBQ as a way to make up for sleeping with an ex shows signs of “fronting to be in a relationship”, but Tasha’s feelings are clearly hurt. I honestly would’ve had some sympathy for her if she hadn’t said she knew her place as the rebound. However, this was bound to happen since Lawrence never discussed his motives with Tasha which is important in ANY relationship. So yes, his actions weren’t made clear, but I wouldn’t categorize him as a fuck nigga. Would you?

For a more in depth review/recap of S2E3 watch my youtube video below

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