Acceptance: the action of consenting to receive something offered. Sometimes we are more than willing to accept things: gifts, food, money and even advice, but what about reality? How often are we willing to accept the fact that our lives may not be going as we think they should? I am guilty of trying to plan out my life in a precise chronological order in hopes that if I follow the blueprint exactly, I’d be set. However, the harsh reality is that there’s no blueprint to life. I’m not stating that you can’t set goals for yourself, but if you do, be prepared to come to some possible setbacks.

Four years ago, I knew for a fact that after graduation I’d go directly into grad school and have no problem finding a full time job. However, as a post graduate, I have yet to find a full time job in a sector I’m interested in (which is outside my major), student loan payments begin in October, and I’ve decided to postpone graduate school.

I’ve been stating since I was 16 that I would get a car. I’m 22 and for the most part, still walk or get dropped off and picked up everywhere I go.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for three years and I was sure that by my graduation the gap would be closed, but we’re still 10 hours and 52 minutes away from each other.

I don’t have a clear understanding as to what I want to do with my life right now and I’m learning that I’m not the only who’s in the same predicament.

So, I can either mope about my life and how it’s out of my control or I can accept the fact that sometimes, life really just doesn’t go as planned. It doesn’t mean that I failed or am failing at life. It simply means that it’s not my time. So in the mean time, I should settle on acceptance right? What would you do?


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