Insecure S2E1:2 Recap:”Hella Great” and “Hella Questions”

Season 2 begins two months post breakup between Issa and Lawrence where neither of them have spoken in depth to each other since Issa’s cheating. In fact, they only contact each other in regards to bills and the apartment they once shared and this lack of contact is severely bothering Issa. In S2E1, in conversation with Molly, Issa quotes, “Dick on E. Bank account on E. Life on E…lol, stop it. I’m fine”. Malibu bitch! You’re still hurt.

insecure gif


Just like Molly, Issa needs to have a seat in Dr. Pine’s office or at least practice being more honest with herself. Her lack of honesty and shitty communication skills is what led to her and Lawrence’s breakup from S1, but Issa is not the only one to blame. Lawrence, also still hella hurt and a shitty communicator has not taken this time in the breakup to be alone and think about where and how he and Issa should progress. He has however, taken this time to continuously give Tasha some BOMB ASS SEX (and y’all know those back shots look amazing).

Usually, Tasha is the female society hates: the woman who tries to pursue or shows interest in a man although he’s currently still in a relationship (even if it is on the rocks). However, if we remember from S1 how Tasha subtly soothed Lawrence’s ego when Issa wasn’t physically or emotionally present, we’ll understand why she’s an important character in S2. Some viewers (especially women) may still dislike Tasha’s character, but she’s still human which means she has feelings that are capable of getting hurt. If Lawrence continues to have spontaneous, passionate, revenge sex with Issa every time they have an encounter and still doesn’t discuss where they stand, because the man can’t even send a simple text message, Tasha’s feelings will get hurt.


Which is unfortunate because Tasha is developing strong feelings for Lawrence although she’s only keeping him satisfied through the weekend (SZA pun intended). However, there’s no denying that Lawrence is developing feelings for Tasha (otherwise he wouldn’t have told her that he slept with Issa in S2E2). But, like some of us who don’t know how or don’t want to be alone when we’re at our most vulnerable stage, we will get under someone new to get over someone old or we will avoid tending to open wounds.

Therefore, in S2 viewers can definitely see the insecurity of flaws among Issa, Lawrence, and Tasha regardless if they can see it themselves. Although no one enjoys being vulnerable during a breakup, it truly upsets me that Lawrence can involve himself with Tasha knowing he hasn’t discussed anything with Issa especially since the ball is in his court. (Dude, I know you think you and Tasha are ‘cool’ and ‘having fun’, but you’re stringing her along, regardless if you want to or not because you haven’t closed ties with Issa. Get it together). It’s also upsetting to see Issa going on pointless dates and using useless dating apps to try and get over Lawrence. Although some people can crane it in the sky and sex it away, Issa is not one of those people (so stop it sis. Sit down and heal). Finally, it’s upsetting to see Tasha in a situationship knowing she wants more even though she hasn’t blatantly voiced it (I don’t know why you invited Lawrence to the BBQ, but I think it’s too soon. Plus, HE SLEPT WITH ISSA. You need to have some self worth and tell him not to come back over until he straightens his past out. I know the dick is good, but have some dignity).

If Issa and Lawrence were honest with themselves and each other would they get back together for the right reasons? Would Tasha still be here? Hell, would there even be a season 2 lol? Let me know your predictions for E3.

For a more in depth review including Molly and a dissection of both episodes, watch my reviews below.


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