goodbye, things: Fumio Sasaki

Fumio Sasaki

If you have the slightest bit of interest in learning more about minimalism and decluttering, please do your research, but if you’d like to start here, that’s fine too.

goodbye, things provides multiple tips (70 in total) to help you rid of unnecessary possessions/declutter your space of too many possessions. Sasaki provides readers with a Japanese style of minimalism (which I found refreshing from my western point of view). He also provides his transition from being a maximalist to a minimalist. Although his style of minimalism is very extreme (living in a 20 square meter flat, owning about 16 articles of clothing and using one detergent to clean his dishes, hair and laundry), I found his best piece of advice to be his definition of a minimalist: people who know what’s truly necessary for them versus what they may want for the sake of appearance. With that definition, there is no set criteria for obtaining a minimalistic lifestyle, because what we consider necessary is going to vary. What matters is that we don’t find ourselves hoarding objects in the process.

This was my first read on minimalism/decluttering, but I’ve been practicing my own form of minimalism since my freshman year of college. Some of the tips Sasaki gives were exercises I had been practicing for at least three years while others I am in the beginning stages of. As I’ve stated previously, if you really want to learn more about minimalism as a way of life, I would do some major research, but if you’re interested in getting a glimpse of minimalism from a cultural/new millennial perspective, I’d say Sasaki is a good start.

It’s a short read (5 chapters), easy to follow, and doesn’t have to be read in chronological order. Some of his revelations as to how minimalism has granted him a better, happier life are a bit repetitive (which can be slightly annoying), but I think if you’re really into having necessities and you’ve at least began some form of decluttering, you’ll find this book super helpful! I give it 5 stars. To hear my full review, watch my video below.



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