“I Don’t Belong to You” – Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer

“Okay, the most important thing you’re going to find out about me as you read this book is that I am who I am – and I own all of who I am (flaws included) completely!” – Keke Palmer

Honestly, that one sentence is the gist of I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice. In this self help/self journey memoir, Keke discusses her beginnings in the entertainment industry and the struggles and challenges she’s faced becoming the young woman she is today. Within ten chapters, she explains the importance of being real with yourself by Saying Hello to the Real You! (Chapter 2), discovering and pursuing your passion, and loving ALL aspects when embarking on the journey of discovering your authentic self and voice.

Sounds like a pretty good starter kit for millennials right? Well here’s the gag (in my opinion)

Keke Palmer is definitely one of those child celebrities you either indirectly or directly watched grow up: Akeelah and the Bee, True Jackson VP, and other various Disney Channel/Nickelodeon shows/movies. I definitely indirectly watched her grow, but after following her on snapchat for the passed couple of years, reading this book has helped tie in so many of her infamous Snapchat stories or her Aunty Keke moments. You either love her for her wisdom beyond her years, her humility and authenticity, or you hate how loud, extra and “annoying” she can be (as mentioned by multiple critics). However you decide to judge her, one thing you ought to do, is respect her character, and as a reader of this book, it can be accomplished.

We all have different truths that play important roles in our growth and evolution and no two stories will be the same. Since Keke is probably the only celebrity close to my age that actually acts like a 20 something year old, I can’t help but respect her character. Sometimes, I forget she’s a celebrity because her humbleness is always so prominent! And because of that, I enjoyed her memoir. But, if I’m being honest, I think since we are so close in age, it didn’t “wow” me. You know? But like I said, we all have different truths. However, I think the teenage me would have ABSOLUTELY ADORED her message! To watch my full review, please watch my video below.



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